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  • Borrow between £500 to £100,000*

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Quick Loans

Should I gift him that absolutely stunning Tiffany CT60 watch? Can I afford the De Beers Solitary ring for my fiancée?

Cash strapped? Need instant credit? Loans in Hands facilitates instant credit through our quick loan schemes. Quick loans are a safe stopgap measure to meet sudden expenses.

Banks, credit unions, building societies, and other traditional financial institutions are reliable sources of finance when you have the time to get through all the red tape. However, they rarely provide small and short-range loans. Quick cash loans applied through us is the perfect solution to your short-term financial difficulties. We are a reputed firm based in the UK that has aided quite a number of people with successful loan applications.

Why take a quick term loan?

When you apply for quick loans online you receive credit instantly, usually within minutes to 24 hours at most.  They are sometimes called same day loans. The loan is approved on the same day as application and is repaid anytime within 24 hours to 3 months. The repayment term is flexible with most lenders. Your loan offer would match your borrowing needs.

A quick term loan is

  • A same day loan – application and approval within minutes to 24 hours
  • Instant cash credit to account – once approved the cash is credited to your account quickly
  • Short-term loan – affordable interest and EMIs since you pay back in a short period
  • Versatile repayment option – the repayment schedule can be fit around your schedule

The money in the normal course is credited to your bank account. The quick online loans are a kind of personal loan. Yet you do not have to go through a number of screening processes like you would with established and traditional lending authorities with this kind of loan. Furthermore, you do not have to depend on anybody else to meet unexpected and unaccounted for expenses. Quick term loans are a great way to maintain your financial independence without compromising on your quality of life.

Who can apply?

Anyone over 18 years of age is eligible to apply for quick loans in the UK. Ideally you should have a bank account, an address proof and a phone number for the lender to contact you and transfer the funds.

Do I need a good credit score? No, not really! A bad credit score or lack of credit score will not impede your application procedure. Do I need to pledge an asset or have a guarantor? It depends on the lender and the kind of amount you are applying for. With a quick cash loan you can take out credit from between £500 to £50000.

What is the application process?

You decide on the amount you want to apply for. You fill in the online application form. We connect you to suitable lenders. Your application is processed within minutes to a day. If accepted, the money is transferred to your bank account and ready for your use within no time.

A quick term loan is a 3 step process:

  • Apply online
  • Wait for processing and approval
  • Get money credited into your account in minutes

Do I need to send in any documents? Not in your initial application with us. We try to aid you in securing a no obligation credit offer with the first loan enquiry. The lender would carry out background checks to ascertain that you have the means to pay back the loan. In most cases, why you need to take out the loan is immaterial to the lender. You may have to provide proof of capability to pay back the loan in rare cases.

Why select us?

At Loan in Hands, we find the perfect solution to your monetary needs in keeping with your particular financial situation. We facilitate affordable quick loans with reasonable rates. From the application process to getting credit the entire process is streamlined for ease of access.

The work ethic at Loan in Hands is informed by the guidelines set by the Financial Control Authority (FCA). We work with trusted UK lenders who are passionate about responsible lending. The full cost of the loan including interest repayment would be quoted at the very beginning. There are no hidden charges or fees.

We understand the need for urgency when a customer applies for a quick loan. Therefore from application to disbursement all the different steps are executed with speed with minimal fuss.

Apply for quick cash loan with Loan in Hands, and get instant credit for your personal needs.