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Guarantor Loan 

Take a look at the following scenarios:

You are starting a new business venture, but do not have any previous credit history to secure the money.

You want to buy a car, but your credit history is not great.

Your kitchen counters are falling apart, so from where can you avail of short-term and small-scale credit for the remodelling?

Need a guarantor loan? Our guarantor loan helps people who would otherwise find it difficult to secure credit with traditional lending institutions like building societies, banks and so on.

What is a guarantor loan?

It is a kind of credit where a guarantor would co-sign your loan agreement. In short, a loan with guarantor is called a guarantor loan. The guarantor loan is unsecured customarily. You do not need to pledge an asset to avail of this kind of loan. What you do need to do is to get a relative or a close friend with good credit rating to guarantee that the loan would be repaid. You are unable to make the payments on time? The guarantor would step in; the guarantor is the lender’s insurance, so to speak.

A guarantor loan is

  • Short-term loan – you take it out for 12 months or less
  • No credit check – your credit history is not checked
  • No security – you do not pledge an asset
  • Needs a guarantor – you need to provide a guarantor

Guarantor loans in the UK have been growing for the past decade. They offer an alternative to personal loan or payday loan. Since big business establishments often have a completely automated approval process, customers who are first time borrowers and have no credit score cannot secure the necessary credit. Guarantor loans facilitated by firms like Loan in Hands helps bridge this lacuna.

What is the process involved in applying for a guarantor loan?

It’s uncomplicated –       Apply! Wait! Receive!

The application process for guarantor loan is done through the Internet. You need to fill in your details like name, contact number, address and the amount you are looking to borrow. At a much later date, you would have to give an estimate of the time period in which you would be paying back the amount.

In addition, you will need to provide the details of your guarantor. Ideally the guarantor should have good credit rating. She/he could be a home owner. But this is not mandatory. If your guarantor can provide proof of regular income, she/he need not be a home owner. Your guarantor can be your parents, siblings, spouse, other relatives or close friends.

Is your previous credit record going to affect your ability to take out a loan? Not with us. With a guarantor loan you will not be provided a loan without a guarantor. However, you can avail of other kinds of loans we facilitate to meet your financial requirements.

If your application is successful the money would be wired to the account number provided by the guarantor. In exceptional cases, it will be credited directly to your account.


Why should I choose a guarantor loan?

For those with no credit history or bad credit history, the guarantor loan is the easiest and quickest loan option available currently. Traditional lending institutions do not provide affordable credit to both these categories of borrowers. You can use the credit towards down payment for a flat, a new car, to revamp your business, to remodel you kitchen and so on.  All you need is get a close friend or relative to stand in as guarantee with the lender to smoothen the approval process.

We provide a number of customer-friendly options with our guarantor loans. Other than the simple application procedure, the guarantor loans are also short-term loans. So you do not spend years paying back the principal and interest. You can avail of amounts ranging from £500 to £50000. You pay back the amount within 24 hours to 36 months. The schedule and EMIs are fixed based on your preference.

Here’s why you should avail credit through us

  • Easy application process
  • Quick processing
  • Transparent processes
  • Affordable rates
  • Access to versatile repayment options

Has your application for loan been declined by other financial institutions for bad credit history and no guarantor? We do assist with no guarantor loans, but the rates are different in that circumstance. You can avail of our payday loan or 12 month loans instead of the guarantor loan.

Meanwhile ring us or mail us if you have a credit-worthy guarantor. We assure prompt action and processing.