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12 month loans

Finances are real tricky, aren’t they? Right when you think you have them figured out, there comes a minor emergency and everything is right out of whack! A leaky dishwasher, an engine overhaul, a faulty electrical installation or even a long awaited vacation to Spain! So what do you do? Beg and cajole friends and family to extend a little credit? Not a bad notion, but how often can you keep doing that? Loan in Hands facilitates 12 month loans for just such situations. You no longer have to depend on anyone else for your financial emergencies.


What is a 12 month loan?

A 12 month loan is exactly what the name suggests – you take out credit that is repaid within 12 months.  You can apply from £500 to up to £50000 at one go with this kind of loan.

The loan is repaid in manageable instalments over a year. Payments are generally done at fixed periods; though in certain cases minor adjustments can be made to the schedule.

Can a 12 month loan be taken out if you have bad credit? Absolutely, we do facilitate 12 month loans for those with bad credit history.  We believe that past mistakes should remain in the past and everyone should be given a chance to move forward. With mitigating circumstances 12 month loans direct lenders forgo the security proviso. That is also what sets Loan in Hands apart from traditional lending institutions like banks, building societies, credit unions, etc.

A 12 month loan could be a payday loan, a guarantor loan, a doorstep loan or a short-term loan. The sum and substance of the 12 month loan can be broken down as:

  • Short-term – 12 months to repay the principal + interest
  • No credit check – your credit score is immaterial to us
  • Instant processing – the application is processed as fast as possible
  • Direct account to account disbursement – the loan amount is credited to your bank account
  • Manageable instalments – you repayment schedule is spread over 52 weeks

How to apply for a 12 month loan?

Applying for a 12 month loan with us is quite simple.

  1. Apply online – input data like your name, date of birth, address, contact number, etc.
  2. Wait for processing of application – typically 10 minutes to a whole business day
  3. Direct account transfer – money is transferred straight to your account if the loan is approved

And as quickly as that you have the necessary funds!

You should decide beforehand how much you want to borrow, which in turn should be based on how much you can repay in 12 months. There is a whole range of loan amounts and repayment methods you can choose from.


Who can apply for a 12 month loans?

You will need to be above 18 years of age and have a valid UK address proof.  Likewise a bank account, an email account and a phone number would be necessary for the application process and further communication.

You have an asset that can be pledged? Are you drawing a fixed salary, availing of benefits, or receiving a regular pension? Do you have a close friend or relative, someone who can step up just in case? Any of these would add up to your eligibility criteria to apply for the 12 month loan. However, we facilitate unsecured loans with special terms if need be.

You have defaulted on a previous loan and have a really bad credit score? As mentioned above, we assist with securing 12 months loans with no credit check by direct lenders. We are extremely flexible as to who can apply for and receive the 12 month loan.


Why pick us?

Loan in Hands places high premium on customer-friendly practices. We enable the right match between customer and suitable financial product. Simultaneously we understand that your time is valuable and time is of essence when it comes to monetary transactions. Our application process is therefore quick, smooth and easy.

The entire process is done online. The repayment process can be automated. So no travelling, persuading, waiting or missed EMIs like you would with traditional loan providing agencies. Furthermore, we provide credit for smaller amounts with a short-repayment period. So you are not saddled with a loan for years on end.

We work within the guidelines set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FDA). Therefore our processes are transparent and above board.

Apply for your 12 month loan with us and get started on working towards setting straight your mini emergencies.